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Tuna: Custom Build

Tuna started out as an abandoned cb750, a pocket full of cash, a very trusting local dude, and my delusions of grandeur.

Julien approached FingersCrossed about commissioning a build with a budget that was healthy enough for us to get creative, and I had been wanting to do a single sided swingarm build for a while once Classified Moto’s builds started popping up on the scene. (Huge shout out to the guys down there).

The basic idea was to make this 99-00 Cb750 nighthawk look as close to a lofty OEM concept as possible.   Sourcing the swingarm from a VFR800 and front end from a gsxr1000 was the easy part.  Having to essentially fabricate ¾ of the frame to accompany the mounting, and CNC a new triple were a little more challenging.

At finish, it was totally worth it.   She absolutely rips.   Julien is happy.  FingersCrossed is happy.