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Owning any motorcycle can be a great opportunity to learn.  For plenty of people, taking your bike to the dealer is completely ideal, and in some cases, even highly recommended, but there is a ton of personal reward from doing that oil change on your own, or knowing how to adjust your chain tension.

Or maybe you’re even more ambitious and want to do your own valve adjustment, change your tires, or swap out some parts for something more aligned with your taste!

FingersCrossedMoto is a community garage where our sole objective is to help you do what you want to do.   We are not a repair shop.   We believe YOU are your own repair shop, and we’ll help you learn what’s needed to get you there confidently.

Realistically, there are some low costs that come with providing that kind of community support, and through our simple subscription service, you can both help us keep the lights on, doors open, and tools functional, while gaining access to a damn near limitless community of knowledge, skills, and experience.  We also host weekly rides, and special events like Ride In Movies, destination Camp-n-Rides, and Technical Workshops that your subscription gains you unlimited access to.

And when you the math, you could support our garage for 6 months for less than the cost of a single tire change at your local repair shop….so…..i mean……what’s stopping you?

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