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The Founders

Matt founded FingersCrossedMoto almost a decade ago out of necessity.   He needed a place to work on his old Triumph that wasn’t his apartments kitchen.   So, he found an old barely standing garage for rent, invited a couple of buddies to pitch in, and started wrenching.   Over the years he’s learned a lot, picked up some new skills, a lot of new tools, a few pounds, and plenty of opinions he’s more than willing to share with you.

He’s a sarcastic asshole that will be more than happy to help you out if it’s not really humid, and there are not a lot of mosquitos.  Matt serves as the in house google expert, wiring guru, unsolicited advice expert, and ¾ of every beverage finisher.   But seriously he knows a lot.

Matt rides a 2017 KTM Duke 690, a 2013 Triumph Tiger 800, and a 68 Triumph Daytona.  This list changes frequently.


Matt Krofcheck

Joe teamed up with FingersCrossedMoto in 2012.   He needed to adjust his chain tension so he bought every motorcycle tool known to man. Now Joe has more bikes and more tools than most of us.  Joe’s attention to detail and eye for precision has proven a great counterbalance to Matt’s ‘fuck it’ attitude.  He’s also a solid designer and makes cool mounts and brackets and gizmos for his bikes.

He’s been a huge part of the success of the garage, and is a super reliable technical resource if you need help.  Joe serves as our in house valve adjustment, tire change, and sheetmetal design guru.

Joe rides a 2016 KTM Duke 690, a 1974 Yamaha DT175, a DR650, probably a ural, and probably some other bike that he bought yesterday without mentioning it to anyone.

Joseph Woelfling

Stoner came on board when Matt talked him into doing a full build on his GS550 that probably still isn’t finished.   He daily rides a KTM 450 enduro and doesn’t give a shit.   He doesn’t want to work on anything ever, but will happily crack open a super rare IPA that he traded some dude online for.   He’s a Gold level shit talker, and generally an awesome dude to have around even though you can’t really put a finger on how he ‘contributes’.

Stoner drives a VW GTI and a bmx bike, but also owns a KTM 450 and 90% of a GS550 brat tracker.

Matt Stoner